Frequently asked questions

How do i join tildevarsh?

Go to the registration page and fill the form. Once you have submitted the form, an admin will review your request. You will get an e-mail upon approval or rejection.

Who can join tildevarsh?

Basically anyone. Just be an active member of our community, participate in new events and have fun!!

Can i remove/delete my account?

Yeah, email your account deletion request to: admin@tildevarsh.in

I want X package to be installed.

Sure, just send a message on our IRC channel (#tildevarsh on liberachat) or on the matrix room at #tildevarsh:matrix.org. You can also email us at admin@tildevarsh.in

Can I get my public ssh key replaced?

E-mail the request to admin, make sure to use the same e-mail you used to register on tildevarsh.