Bharatvarsh, the year is 202x.   

Everyone is connected via the internet, and yet something is lacking. Something that we all know isn't there and yet somehow have collectively forgotten.

Welcome, to ~tildevarsh.

An India-based shared unix system which focuses on mutual development of skills and sharing of ideas. Services are secondary in this tilde, community is prime. Still confused?

(Video) What is a tilde?

  • See the last updated pages on ~varsh at the updated pages list
  • You can visit our quilt wall here. To create your own quilt art, just run `quilt-generate-template` in your shell and then edit the ~/.quilt file.
  • Play nethack and try to beat others' highscores! run `nethack` to start.
Services that we provide
  • Drawing board.(excalidraw)
  • Feed reader.(miniflux)
  • Libre Search Engine.(librex)
  • Git server.(gitea)
  • IRC Bouncer(znc)
  • A public html hosting for a static website @ (dynamic port for services or cgi will be opened on request)
  • Free email at
  • A shell to play around with!
  • Last but not least, a sense of belonging. (hopefully).
  • #tildevarsh on
  • on matrix
  • - email